Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

About Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

The new release of the popular football simulator designed according to the wishes and suggestions of fans of the series. PES 2013 offers the freedom to choose the style of the game, full control of the ball when striking on goal, meticulously recreates individuality football star – from the nuances of facial expressions to proprietary methods .

Thus, the three key features of PES 2013 – it PES FullControl, Player ID and ProActive AI. PES FullControl provides complete freedom of movement through the virtual football field, the ability to vary the style of the first touch and “manual” control of the ball transfer and strikes on goal. In addition, improved dribbling, now his pace more consistent with the real .

With only a couple of the speed of the ball can change the buttons are forwarding it past the opponent and pick up again, close the housing, while teammates will not open for a pass. Equally full control is ensured and protected. Player ID is responsible for the behavior recreated in the game of football stars: they fully replicate their traditional counterparts. A total of PES 2013 are presented virtual counterparts fifty best players in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the face of the new season PES. ProActive AI ensures the realism of what is happening in the virtual football field. In particular, thanks to an improved artificial intelligence and a new animation goalies still adequate than before to respond to the situation at the gate, and field players to quickly take the right decisions and tactically better to keep defenses.

Game information

Game type :  Sport
Release date : 2012
Game Developer : Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Game Publisher : Konami

System Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 1 GB (Windows XP), 2 GB (Windows Vista, 7)
OS: XP , Vista and Windows 7
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 6600 or ATI Radeon x1200 or Intel HD graphics 3000
Free Disk Space: 5.68 GB

Photos Of The Game

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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

About download

The size of the game is specifically 2.77 GB .

The download file of the game matches all the match with the original version of the game and there is no problem or malfunction after checking and adjusting in the damage of some folders also the option to give up some files or unwanted additions is available when installing the game such as additional languages or programs that have already been installed in the device by To .

DLL files are included with the download file to avoid a problem when playing the game and avoid the lack of required files .

The download supports the supplement property so if there is any emergency of the device or even after turning off the computer you can continue loading from where the download stopped and without any problem

How to install the game after downloading

Decompress the game file using Winrar .
The first step must download the torrent program and install it to download the game .

install the game
Start the game successfully .

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