Crystal Chasers League

About Crystal Chasers League

Crystal Chasers League is a competitive tournament where Chasers dispute to become the next Champion. Compete in a range of free-for-all and team-based modes, featuring battles, crystal chases, triathlon races, and more. Use ground and aerial karts, jetpacks, parachutes, and a diverse set of power-up items to carve your way to the top!

Hold one whimsical item in each hand. Pick them around the stage, use to knock out your opponents and drive your team to victory!
Move around stages by foot, driving in one of the karts and buses, handling jetpacks, or piloting flying vehicles to reach higher places. And, give or get a ride with your teammates if you can!

Game Modes
Compete in a range of fun Team based and Free-For-All modes.
– Capture Crystals scattered around the stage or from other team bases,
– Race on a Triathlon to the finish line running, karting, and flying,
– Hunt coins for you team’s Treasure Chest on Treasure Hunt (coming soon!),
– and, classic Battle!

Game information

Game type : Racing,Action,Adventure
Release date : 2020
Game Developer : Flipstar
Game Publisher : Flipstar

System Requirements Crystal Chasers League

CPU:  Celeron G530 2.4Ghz or similar
RAM:  4 GB
OS:  Windows 10 (64 bit)
Video Card:  Nvidia GT 650M or similar
Free Disk Space:  5 GB

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Download Crystal Chasers League

About download

The size of the game is specifically 4,84 GB .

The download file of the game matches all the match with the original version of the game and there is no problem or malfunction after checking and adjusting in the damage of some folders also the option to give up some files or unwanted additions is available when installing the game such as additional languages or programs that have already been installed in the device by To .

DLL files are included with the download file to avoid a problem when playing the game and avoid the lack of required files .

The download supports the supplement property so if there is any emergency of the device or even after turning off the computer you can continue loading from where the download stopped and without any problem

How to install the game after downloading

Decompress the game file using Winrar .
The first step must download the torrent program and install it to download the game .

install the game

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